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Morris Masters is a collection of old boys who still wear the jersey of Morris Rugby, but may be either a little on in years or unable to train as hard as they once did when they were a little younger ... OR BOTH.

By the Power Vested in Me

All week long, the weather was ominous.  The forecast for Monday through Friday and for Sunday would change like your underwear, but Saturday remained constant:  rain and temperatures in the mid-40’s.  And I did not mention that the game would be played in Bayonne, which would guarantee winds whipping in off of Newark Bay.  As…

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Mid-Autumnal Meriden Mauling

. . . or as the Irish are want to call it, the Massacree at Meridian.  Whatever you wish to describe it as, we trekked to CT to enjoy what passes for fall foliage this year, and to get the living bejesus stomped out of us. So many memories of past trips to the Mountain…

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Revenge of the Seppos

The-Summer-that-never-was-and-now-will-not-leave continued.  Under a glorious sun-filled sky with Autumn temperatures soaring into the mid-70’s, the Rockaway River flood plain at Pocono Fields, Denville would serve as the site for the latest Rugby Palooza. For the first time in aeons, the Masters would actually take to the pitch in our own jerseys.  For a long time,…

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For all of the Peanut Gallery that did not like my last match report . . .

BITE ME!!  That being said, I shall try to redeem my aberrant behavior. Long Island was host of this week’s Palooza.  Normally they host a match at a park on the Great Bay of Oyster on the North Shore.  Yesterday’s match was preempted by, of all things, a REGATTA!  That has to be a first;…

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The 12 Days of Covfefe

Morris County was the center of the US Rugby universe in early June.  Leading up to the US/Ireland match on 06/10, Team USA trained at Drew University (the preeminent small liberal arts university in NJ).  Then on Saturday, Denville was host to a miniature tournament featuring a NJ Select Side, NY Upstate Selects, and NY…

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At least Trump did not leak out the Colonel’s special blend

On a glorious overcast day at the edge of Newark Bay, Bayonne would host the final palooza of the Spring 2017 season.  Coming off 2 days with the temperatures prematurely pushing 90, the 60-ish weather was a welcome relief.  Morris and Bayonne would each supplement their sides with members of the Village Lions, Gentlemen of…

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Many beautiful women in the Philippines . . . many of whom are female

The weekend did not start well.  A cough that I picked up “working” the the Morristown Brewfest in March materialized into an actual cold on Friday.  I felt like crap.  Standard marathon training calls for carbo-loading before the event.  Treatment of the common cold calls for drinking plenty of fluids.  Hmm.  With a game tomorrow,…

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Sinners Dinner 2017

The umpty-sixth Morris Rugby Sinners dinner was celebrated as tradition would want, on Good Friday.  This year’s commemoration fell on April 14.  Scores, no, verily approximately 1.5 MILLion were in attendance on the 2nd Floor of the renowned steakhouse Arthurs Tavern.  The turnout was YUGE!!!.  In fairness, it must be noted that the Morris County…

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Travelogue: Waikiki Beach vs. Randall’s Island

Some may have been to Honolulu and spent some time on Waikiki Beach.  Others may have been to New York City and spent some time on Randall’s Island.  Only the luckiest of us have been to both.  As a public service, I offer this travelogue for you to decide where your next vacation destination should…

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a Bris Kit sandwich . . .

a Bris Kit sandwich . . . . . .  or a pulled pork sandwich. .  on second thought, I’ll stick with chicken.  What does this have to do with rugby?  Absolutely nothing, just a reaction to Jeff Gresack regaling 3 goys and a guy for 2 hours each way about his experiences with life…

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Jenny Stumpf signed her “Letter of Intent” to play Division II rugby with St. Bonaventure

March 5, 2018

Today as the Rugby NJ College Fair & Combine Jenny Stumpf signed her “Letter of Intent” to play Division II rugby with St. Bonaventure.  The Bonnies play in the Upstate New York Collegiate Rugby Conference.Pictured here are Coach Gene Caulfield, Morris U18 Girls, Jenny Stumpf, Coach Clarence Picard, St. Bonaventure Women.

Two Morris Lions High School Seniors signed their letters of intent to play Rugby at Iona College

March 5, 2018

Two Morris Lions High School Seniors signed their letters of intent to play Rugby at Iona College at Rugby New Jersey’s 2018 Combine and College Fair. Liam Andersen (Loose Forward) and Dilsher Maini (Flyhalf) with the Morris Lions U18 team have many years of experience in the Morris program both in 7’s and 15’s. They…

Rugby New Jersey Flag Summit

March 5, 2018

Friday March 23rd, 2018 Registration: 6:30 pm Program: 7 pm to 9 pm Register Here For More information See Flyer

Congratulations to Morris Rugby’s own Alie Ramage

March 5, 2018

Congratulations to Morris Rugby’s own Alie Ramage as she led the Atlantis Rugby U-18 Girls to their 1st place win in the Elite bracket of the Las Vegas Invitational this past weekend.  Alie was one of two returning players from the 2017 Atlantis squad that also took the cup.  A senior at Roxbury High School,…

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March 2, 2018

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