To promote the growth and development of the game of Rugby

Sinners Dinner 2017

The umpty-sixth Morris Rugby Sinners dinner was celebrated as tradition would want, on Good Friday.  This year’s commemoration fell on April 14.  Scores, no, verily approximately 1.5 MILLion were in attendance on the 2nd Floor of the renowned steakhouse Arthurs Tavern.  The turnout was YUGE!!!.  In fairness, it must be noted that the Morris County Park Police estimated the attendance to be about 25.  Noticeably absent were perennial attendees the Deer Hunter and Lil, who chose to “cleanse” themselves instead of eating meat.  C’mon, who needs 6 weeks?  A little Colon Cleanse and castor oil will do it overnight.

As rugby is the game played in heaven, we feel that this allows us to play fast and loose with St. Peter’s Catholic dictates to not eat meat on Fridays, especially during Lent.  Those who felt they were on the borderline between salvation and eternal damnation would choose one of several fish entrees so as to stay in the good graces of those watching.  With nowhere to go but up, I enjoyed my medium-rare Delmonico.

Despite the continual efforts of the good Doctor and I to drive the conversation into the gutter, most ignored our efforts and kept dinnertime conversations civil.  Well, Rugby civil. . . renovations at the Dover Moose lodge, “shoe stores”, college children learning how to cool a keg, high school children taking advantage of a parental offer of free condoms (the only protection you need in rugby), the romantic implications of Donna shaving her head, a proposed tour to Maggot Fest, and the spewing of red wine all about a hotel bathroom after an evening of too much fun.

Over Irish Coffees, Chappy would tearfully confess this would be his last Sinners Dinner as President of Morris Rugby.  As the cheers subsided, we gave him a Laurel . . . . and Hearty handshake and it was off to Collins Pub to continue our rebirth.