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Morris Rugby Men’s Championship Run

Over the course of Morris Rugby’s 40 years, there have been numerous successes that our organization has had the privilege and joy to celebrate. One of the most recent of those accolades, in our 40th Anniversary season, is the on-field success that the Men’s team has achieved. This past fall campaign provided to be fruitful as they posted a dominant and undefeated mark off 9-0 and a resounding point differential of +256! The strong performance catapulted the team to the top seed of the Empire GU while securing home pitch advantage for conference playoffs in Denville, NJ.

This achievement is the ultimate example of what Morris Rugby is all about. The team’s growth has been guided and directed by coaches Bill Dobbs and Neil Davies with a focus on disciplined defense, unparalleled fitness and smart, technical rugby play. The team is made up of grizzled veterans, a few international players and a slew of players who have played in Morris’ Flag and U-19 programs.

The Men’s team has poured countless hours into training, building team camaraderie and developing chemistry as a cohesive family unit. These developments and on-field success has afforded the team an opportunity to compete for the USA Rugby DII National Championship. With playoffs beginning in April, we are excited for this chance to prove that we have earned everything that we have built and fought for.

Traditionally we are largely a self-funded team, typically relying on the donations of current and past rugby players and their families. Given our team’s success and lofty goals, the traditional fundraising will not be enough. To support the costs of travel and lodging from game to game, starting in the northeast and culminating in Denver, CO; we will need every cent we can get.

By donating whatever amount you choose to provide, you’re not only supporting a men’s rugby team – you’re supporting the whole Morris Rugby Organization’s journey 40 years in the making. Be fulfilled in knowing that your contribution is not solely enjoyed by our Men’s Rugby Team, but by the hundreds, possibly thousands of people who have been and will be a part of the Morris family enjoying the excitement of our national championship run.

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