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High School Boys Fall Games and Strength & Conditioning Training

Morris Lions High School Boys came away from Ridge with a 44-5 victory in the latest Fall scrimmage. With a team made up a mix of U18 and U16 boys, experienced players, recent graduates of the U14 program, new players and complete novices it was an impressive performance. Limited opportunity at practices to work with many of the players or on set pieces appeared to have negligible effect on the cohesion of the team. From the start the players, making light of the damp conditions, strung together a series of exciting passing moves and powerful runs to score three tries. Strong defense held a team made up predominantly from Ridge Rugby with additional players from St. Peter’s and Hudson Catholic to single score in the first half. As numerous players operated in new and unfamiliar positions the standard of play never dropped and in the second half the Lions added five more tries without conceding another point. The supporters watching were treated to a thrilling match which offers a lot of promise for the 2018 season. Next up: Thanksgiving Saturday the annual Rudy Kelly Alumni game.

In the off-season players will embark on a program of strength and conditioning with weekly sessions at Precision Sports Performance. Having already completed their initial evaluation they will follow specifically designed training programs to improve performance, speed, strength and injury prevention. The goal is to maximize the potential of each player and see their efforts translated to on field improvement.

Precision Sports Performance is an all-inclusive Sports Performance Facility with certified coaching staff providing exceptional off-season training programs to many elite athletes in NJ. Their philosophy is “Better Training Through Science” providing personalized training programs that are designed to fit the needs of each team member based upon their specific sport/position, age, and competitive level.